03.02.2005 2:54 p.m.
Excitement and jealousy (and tigers, oh my!)

I've been trying really hard all day to come up with something witty and amusing or deep and profound to write about.

All I keep thinking is WEETACON IS ONLY TWO DAYS AWAY!!




How freaking awesome is that!?!?

And even though both my husband and I are dirt poor right now (where the hell is all our money going?), I'm sure we're going to have a BOMB ASS time there.

Because there will be karaoke and drinking and a sleigh ride and these lovely people (plus many others) and shaking what our mommas gave us at the Bad Barô. And possibly shopping. With what money I have no idea. But still.


My main dilemma lately is trying to decide what to pack. I have a feeling that even though we'll only be there for 3 days, I will require enough costume changes to necessitate the expansion of my suitcase.


Two days.

But first I will be getting my hair did tonight and trying to actually work tomorrow instead of dancing around the office singing "Weetacon! Weetacon!" as I will most likely want to do.


Also, I would like to note that I am incredibly jealous that B got to go stay and hang out with the marvelous Diva Mel and the wonderful gnomad. Seriously. I think I might actually be turning green.

So, to sum up:


And now...pictures!

Hair before:

Hair $54 later:

What I saw on the drive home from the salon:

Listening to: Keane - Hopes & Fears (on my computer...not just in my car today)
Reading: Me Talk Pretty One Day - David Sedaris
Nail color: *Note to self: Add "Paint nails" to To Do list


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