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Winter 2007 Semester is now in session

Hi there!

Remember me?

While having coffee with a fellow Diaryland-er last week, I mentioned that since I was on Spring Break, I'd try to update at least one day last week.

Did I?


Today was my first day back at school after the break and I have Trigonometry homework and some reading for Modern Culture & the Arts due tomorrow, so now I suddenly feel compelled to write.

Anyone who was excited to see my name highlighted in red can thank my strong tendency toward procrastination for the rare update.


So...to update my previous entry, I ended up getting the following grades:

Organic Chemistry I (5 credit hours): 2.0
College Physics I (4 credit hours): 3.5
American Government (3 credit hours): 3.5

Due to the classes being worth the credit hours they were, my cumulative GPA for the semester was a measly 2.87. My overall GPA was lowered to a 3.13.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Damn Organic Chem!

This semester, I'm taking a full load (16 credit hours) of courses: Organic Chemistry II (5 credit hours), College Physics II (4), Trigonometry (3) and Modern Culture & the Arts (4).

Classes (so far) are going well for the most part...I'm actually getting a 4.0 (94.2%) in Trigonometry right now, which means if I keep my grade up I won't have to take the final. I'm also getting a 4.0 (90.4%) so far in Modern Culture & the Arts, which sort of rocks. Organic Chemistry is still awful and I hope it dies, but I did better on my first test this semester than I did on any of the tests last semester. (I found out today I did worse on my second test than I did on any of the tests last semester, and that's saying something.) Physics is actually going pretty well, too. I have an 89.1% right now, which is a 3.5 that's only 0.9% away from a 4.0, so there's hope that I might be able to get a 4.0 for the class. Woo!

Sucking so badly at Organic Chemistry is one reason I'm still deeply entrenched in my mid-life crisis... Trying to figure out "What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?" I'm going to make an appointment with a career counselor at school that was recommended to me by my Organic Chem lab partner. Maybe she can help me figure it out. Or one of the books I'm reading could help. Or finding out if I can do a job shadow thing for a day at the Sheriff's department crime lab, to see what they actually do and if it's something I'd truly be interested in.

The ironic part of all this is that none of the 3 remaining classes I need to finish my Associate's degree are available this summer, so now I have to figure out what the hell I'm going to do all summer...which essentially depends on my deciding what I want to be when I grow up. My options include getting a full-time job, getting a part-time job, working on getting my custom sewing business up and running, finding some way to make money at the marketing consulting stuff I've been doing in exchange for salon services, finding some way to make money at the furniture-refinishing thing I've fallen in love with lately, obsessively cleaning the entire house every day, or some sort of job internship.

While working part-time or even full-time during the summer doesn't sound too bad, I know that any job I get will seem to have exceptionally crappy pay compared to the $16+ per hour I was making at the damn hell ass place. There's a part of me that refuses to even imagine what going back to making minimum wage again would be/feel like. If the money thing wasn't enough, depending on the job I took, I might be required to work weekends, which, as most of you know, is the only time I really get to spend time with Mr. Science-Girl. Working for myself in marketing consulting, custom sewing, freelance writing, furniture refinishing, etc. would allow me to work the hours I want to work while still earning a decent income.

Eh...I don't know.

I know I won't be able to find the answer to this issue tonight, but at least listing my options helps give me a little perspective on it all. Whenever I start freaking out or feeling stressed about not having an exact plan for what I want to do, I should try to remember that at least I have options. Sometimes being interested in a long list of things is a good thing.

Well, I'm off to do that homework now. Thanks to everyone who actually read this whole thing! Any comments or suggestions you have for me would be appreciated.

I'll try to update again within the next month or so (at least).

Have a wonderful Monday!

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