03.11.2005 1:45 p.m.
Yay!!! and (hopefully) yay

Holy God.

Uh oh.

In the past 24 hours I've had hits from 30 HiddenReferrers. Hmm...wonder who those are.

While I'm on the topic of wondering who's reading me, who reads me from Western's campus? Does anyone know if their wireless originates in the Siebert administration building?

If not, Hello Administrator Type Person! I'll be applying to your college in a couple of years! Please accept me!

There's someone who reads me from Grand Rapids, too, but I'm not sure who. And a military IP pops up on occasion. I have no clue who that could be.

Any of you want to step forward to say hello?

Feel free. My comments section likes having people write in it.


I think somebody up there must like me today. I went to Culver's to get chicken tenders (second time this week...but I'm NOT ADDICTED!) for lunch.

(No, that's not the really cool part.)

I did the usual order, pay, get my number and pull over so they could bring it out to me. There was an SUV with a couple of cute puppies in it across the drive from me, so I watched them for a few minutes. I took out my camera from my purse, but of course, just then, someone brought out their food. Both puppies spun around and faced the other way, to see what the food smell is. So, no picture.

Oh well. I took a couple of pictures of the sky. It's cold and might snow later but right now it's sunny and there's visible blue sky and big puffy white clouds and it's just beautiful.

I was also listening to a great CD (Charlotte Martin - In Parentheses), which only has 4 songs on it, but they're all good.

I saw one of their employees walking toward me, so I rolled down my window a bit.

She said, "I am SO SORRY. We missed your order so we just put it in but it'll be a few more minutes. I'm really sorry it's taking so long. Would you like a sundae or something?"

My face lit up and I said, "Ooh! Yes! Please!"

So, I basically didn't even notice it was taking longer than usual because I was entertaining myself, but I got a free (peanut butter topping over vanilla frozen custard) sundae anyway.


Hopefully that's a sign of how the rest of today is going to go.

Mr. Science-Girl gets to have a discussion with his ex-girlfriend this afternoon when he goes to pick up the munchkin. He's finally decided he's tired of her lying/outright fraud and greediness regarding child support, daycare payments and custody. It's a long story. I'll probably write about it in here someday. When I'm not so pissed off about it.

Cliff notes version: She's been getting more than she deserves for 4 years now (from her lying to the Friend of the Court) and keeps asking for more and more and more. All without my husband even having any sort of custody for Alex.

Okay, maybe I will talk about/go off about it a bit.

We're asking for/demanding joint LEGAL custody. Why?

Basically, if Alex were to get hurt sometime when her mom was not around (like when she's on her honeymoon next month), my husband would have no right to give consent for treatment. If she was lying there dying (God forbid) he wouldn't be able give consent for them to save her life. They would have to wait until they tracked down her mom. Because he only has a certificate of parentage. They have no official visitation agreement and no official custody agreement, so essentially he gets no say in major decisions in Alex's life and if his ex gets mad enough because we're not forking over money fast enough, she can just refuse to let Mr. Science-Girl see his daughter.

Nice, eh?

The last time the issue of custody was brought up, it ended in a screaming match in his ex's house, during which she suggested that we were just trying to take Alex away from her forever (hi, paranoid much?), and which culminated in her calling him a "sperm donor".

How precious is she?

VERY, I can tell you.

So, he finally talked to a lawyer. (One he used to skydive with, actually.) He finally knows his rights. He's finally sick enough of her shit that he's not going to let her walk all over him anymore. He wants what he wants (which happens to also be what he DESERVES), and if she has a problem with that, or if she pitches a fit tonight when they meet, we'll go to court.

It's as simple as that.

So why do I feel like I'm preparing to go into battle with a thousand enemy soldiers?

I'm not even going to be there.

Any positive thoughts/prayers/good vibes would be appreciated.

Hopefully things turn out as they should.

Listening to: Charlotte Martin - In Parentheses
Reading: Blue Twilight


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