03.10.2005 3:33 p.m.
Weetacon 2005 - Sunday

For some reason I woke up around 8:45 AM on Sunday morning. I immediately went to one of Weet's swag bags and grabbed the Alka Seltzer Morning Relief and a glass of water. It was VERY necessary.

I took a short whirlpool bath before switching to the rainfall shower and getting ready. Mr. Science-Girl and I decided that instead of taking our 6-something PM flight out of GB and not getting home until nearly 11, we’d try to get on one that left around 1:30 PM or so. After he called and checked with the airline as to whether there would be room for us to fly stand-by on the earlier flight, we went downstairs to see who else happened to drag themselves out of bed at such an early hour.

We found some people from our group sitting in the dining room and chatting. I wanted to talk to them a bit, but the buzzing in my head wouldn't really let me. It took some coffee and a few bites of my fruit plate before my thoughts became coherent enough to share with other people.

Everyone expressed shock and amazement at the fact that Chauffi was already up and around and seemed to be in good spirits.

Eventually everyone in our little group appeared, and a plan was made to go get greasy hangover food. We talked and laughed about the previous night's adventures, religion, relationships, jobs, traveling...pretty much everything. Mr. Science-Girl and I had to leave somewhat early to catch our flight, so with hugs all around, we said good-bye to this big group of wonderful people. I didn't really want to go.

Esteban was nice enough to drive us to the airport (thereby bring the total number of cars we'd ridden in that weekend to 4), and we made it just in the nick of time to check in for our earlier flight.

Of course, if it were up to the people looking through our luggage, we would have missed our flight.

They went through Mr. Science-Girl's bag pretty quickly. Then they brought mine up on the table. The woman looked more and more confused with each piece of swag she found.

It's probably a good thing that the naughty photo booth stickers were well-hidden.

Then she became totally perplexed by the Febreeze in my suitcase.

She read the label.

She read the label again.

She had to ask someone else if it was flammable.

Mr. Science-Girl, who was standing behind the orange line like a good doobie, said to me, "Yeah. Like they’d make something that was FLAMMABLE and encourage people spray it all over their clothes. Umm…right."

So, between her confusion and taking out half the things in my suitcase, and the stupid security screener that had to run my coat through the X-Ray machine twice (yeah, because my gloves and a pair of sunglasses totally look like a bombs), we made our flight with about a second to spare.

When we got to the Detroit airport, we went immediately to the gate to be put on stand-by for an earlier flight home. Of course, no one was at the gate.

About a half an hour later, someone finally showed up. Mr. Science-Girl asked about the possibility of stand-by, and she said she'd put our names on the list, but wouldn't know for sure if they had seats for us until they got everyone boarded. You see, they had overbooked the flight. By about 9 people.

God, I just realized how much airlines are like the government...they both do shit that makes very little sense.

Anywho, after another couple hours of waiting, and watching people walking up like lemmings to stand around the gate, we finally were THE CHOSEN ONES. We got on the flight. The other 15 or so people had to wait. Neener! That’s what you get for waiting until moments before the plane takes off to get put on the list, people.

My husband was nice enough to give me the seat in first class while he went back to sit in coach. A glass of chardonnay before take-off went a long way in making me forgive the stupid security people at the Green Bay airport. At least a little bit.

The flight was rather uneventful and we made it home safely. Then we got to wait for our luggage for about 45 minutes. Oh well.

It was an awesome weekend and definitely a memorable experience.

The thing that strikes me the most, and that which I'll probably remember long after I forget all the sordid details of the weekend, is the feeling of camaraderie that I experienced. There were people with diaries, people without diaries, younger people, older people, people you wouldn't be able to drag off a karaoke stage and people you couldn't pay enough to get on it...and we were all FRIENDS. There was just a sense of "Oh yeah, I totally get you" with everyone. It was amazing. And memorable. And definitely worth repeating.

How's next weekend for everyone?


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