03.08.2005 2:50 p.m.
Weetacon 2005 - Friday

I've been trying to come up with a coherent series of words that will accurately capture the excitement and fun and drunkenness and love and sheer amazingosity that was this weekend all day.

I couldn't really think of anything, though, so you're pretty much stuck with the following.


The husband and I woke up at an ungodly hour in order to be at the airport in time for our flight. Standing on the jetway while the pilot tried to figure out if he should take the plane they had brought him or the ACTUAL plane we were supposed to take, I realized that I would just be getting up on a normal day.

Then I remembered that it was definitely not a normal day.

Our flights were pretty uneventful and we ended up landing around 9:30-ish.

We walked out toward the terminal and immediately saw Weetabix waving at us like a mad woman. I vaguely remember getting a really stupid smile on my face right then, followed by a rush of excitement at finally being there.

She showed us to her (totally awesome) car, my husband threw our bags in the trunk, and we headed out. After a (slightly) longer drive than was intended, we arrived at our hotel. We checked in and went up to the room.

I was very impressed with the room and immediately announced a list of things that I would like to steal.

For instance:

The whirlpool bathtub

The rainfall shower

The headboard and footboard of this bed

Weet realized that it was time for her to go pick up the next person flying in, so my husband and I went downstairs to help her put together the lovely nametags for the weekend. It was probably pretty amusing to the person behind the front desk to listen to us trying to figure out why we had more nametags than necklaces and which ones we should actually use.

It was all very scientific, I can assure you.

("Eh, just use these. If they're wrong, they can take those labels off and put the right ones on.")

After we had finished our task, we went back up to the room to hang out for a bit.

I read for a while, watched some TV and had been asleep for about half an hour when the phone rang. I let my husband get it, since answering it would have required getting up.

I slept through most of their conversation, but woke up immediately at the mention of food. I think my response was a simple "Milkshake!" when my husband asked if I was awake and/or hungry.

So, we headed downstairs to meet Kelly, Jen and Kari.

We ended up making a trip to Al's Hamburgers for some burgers and milkshakes and other fried goodness. We were all quite entertained by unique atmosphere there.

Like this sign, which says "This is not Burger King. You don't get it your way, you take it my way or you don't get the damn thing."

After stuffing ourselves there, we decided to go to Caffe Espresso for a beverage and some DELICIOUS baklava. A call from Jessi let us know she'd made it okay and she was invited to meet us at Al's and come along to the coffee shop.

We went back up to our rooms for a nap, but I ended up reading my book and painting my nails instead while my husband snored next to me.

When we went downstairs to the meet and greet, I immediately saw Jake, who we had met at JournalCon last year. Everyone ended up going into the pub to drink and get to know each other until we had to change into WARM clothes for the sleigh ride.

God, am I being detailed or what?

Feel free to tell me that I need to shut up. To yourself, of course, because I can't hear you through a computer screen. Neener!

The bus ride to the sleigh ride place was nearly as fun (though not quite as drunken) as the actual sleigh ride.

The fabulous Weetabix

The bus driver exhibited his extensive knowledge of the area's strip clubs. We rocked out to some tunes on Weet's iPod. (I DEFINITELY want me one of those.)

Weetabix's in-laws were just as sweet and spectacular as she describes them in her diary. Ward made me put on another coat over my usual leather one ("That coat doesn't look NEARLY warm enough! You're gonna freeze!") which my lovely husband said made me look like I was wearing a ferret on my shoulders, due to the fur-lined hood. I stole a hat off the Table of Warm Stuff, too. It's a good thing other people are usually way more prepared than I am.

The sleigh ride involved getting to know people better, sharing booze with 20-something other people and not caring, and a wonderful, romantic proposal. I may or may not have been involved a sing-a-long (rap-a-long?) to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Even when you know all the words while you're sober, it's a bit harder to remember when you've been making friends with the good Doctor.

It also included the following conversation:

Weetabix: "[My husband], are you drunk?"
My husband: "No, I'm fine. Why?"
Weetabix: "Good. Can you tie my shoe?"

How many people does it take to tie a shoe?

A short ride later and we were back at the lodge, ready to EAT.

And EAT we did! Dear God. The brats soaked in beer and butter were delicious. I would have liked to stuff my pockets full of fluff on my way out the door. The booyah was also pretty damn tasty, and I would have eaten more if I weren't already afraid an explosion was imminent. I can't wait to get recipes so I can make this stuff and get my friends and family as addicted as I am.

I seriously start drooling and craving it whenever I even see the word "fluff". YUM.

After dinner we all got back into the bus and were taken to our hotels to change.

Karaoke was superfantabulous fun.

Randy (with the open zipper) sort of reminded me of a Star Trek-addicted semi-crazy man who used to come into the bookstore where I worked for years and years.

Everyone in our group seriously rocked that mic. Rapping, singing, Devil Went Down to Georgia-ing...it was all superb.

Weetabix sang Baby Got Back, which of course requires backup dancers

I actually got up there and sang "Criminal" by Fiona Apple, even after getting nervous and trying to plan an escape without singing with Kari as my accomplice.

I think my expression in this picture means "There, dammit. I'm singing. Ya happy now?"

I had enough fun that I actually requested a couple of other songs ("Killing Me Softly" by the Fugees and "Polyester Bride" by Liz Phair), but kept those slips in my purse instead of turning them in.

My husband and I shocked ourselves by actually closing up the bar with the rest of the young folks. We talked about what a great time we had as we fell asleep that night.

To be continued...

Listening to: The Weetamix - The Wrath of Con
Reading: I don't think I even picked up a book last night


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